The Creative Black Woman’s Network was created by V.C.R as an physical extension to her best selling book “The Creative Black Woman’s Playbook”. The purpose of this network is to celebrate black feminity, honor our rich heritage and history, and to empower creative black women internationally.

It is our goal to inspire the monatization of every gift and inherent talent we possess.

THE SEVEN PROJECT is not merely a collective, but an intentionally warm, private club for a group of carefully curated Black women at all levels of their career journeys granting them the freedom to commune and connect freely with each other. Our activations hold space for discourse on real issues and inspirations over comforting Southern food and culture. The Memphis-raised founders, V.C.R and Victoria Wright found it essential to curate a self-sustaining ecosystem in Los Angeles connecting like minds and mentors to mentees one person at a time.

Each activation will be a world of its own, combining homegrown southern culture and healing while serving it to LA’s most influential professionals crossing all disciplines. As we bond over food, soulful music, gifts, and vulnerability, the night will effortlessly flow into a panel where we can all share our unique experiences such as imposter syndrome, anxiety and depression, wage discrimination, and cultivating joy in our chaotic industries. Our vision is for all attendees to come as guests but leave feeling like family.